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Post  Admin on Mon Mar 12, 2012 6:50 am

No Flaming

No aggressive, personal attacks on someone will be tolerated.

No Trolling / Name calling

No posts obviously designed to attract flames or otherwise incite other posters to react negatively and aggressively will be tolerated. If there is still a case to be settled between individuals or groups, please settle them out of the forum via PM or email.

If you spot a thread which happens to be in a very heated discussion, which involves your personal friend / relative / associate, please do not jump in to exacerbate the situation. Do not fan on the flames, if you are discovered doing so, you are liable for your forum account to be suspended as well. You can ask them to bring it offline or to settle the situation via the PM function or email, that is the best way of helping them. Calling others names are not allowed on the forums as well.

Anyone who uses abusive language on the moderators will have their account suspended immediately.

No Profanity

No profanity in this forum, please. Not everyone wants to read foul or off-color language, and those who do not should not have to be subjected to it. This includes attempts to circumvent the word censor or any other form of word ma5k1ng.

Also, please do not post links to pornography or other adults-only content. This includes the pictures that you use for your avatar and signature.

No Creating of Multiple Accounts

You will only need one account to access the forums. If you created multiple accounts (known as clones), all those accounts together with your original account will be suspended.

No Cross Posting

Please do not start more than one topic (in the same OR different forums) with the same question or message. Even if your topic's subject spans multiple forums' "themes", please pick the most appropriate single forum, and start your topic there ONLY. Starting multiple topics with the same question or message is confusing, splits up the discussion / answers and makes the moderators' jobs much harder. Please resist all temptation to cross post. Besides, the Moderators will lock/delete duplicate threads as soon as they see them anyway.

Excessive and Unnecessary Posting

Posting just to raise your post count (aka post whoring) - will not be tolerated in any form.
If you think you will get more respect having more posts, you are mistaken.
If an Admin or Moderator deems you are abusing your account in this manner, your post count will be zeroed.
(Post whoring is when you post messages back to back that could have been easily in 1 post or when you have innocuous conversations back and forth with minimal post material or content or even minimal word content for that matter. Please use the Private Message system for such conversations.)

Likewise forum flooding is prohibited, as is spamming the forums with posts linking to other sites/forums (which is considered advertising).

It is nice to provide help or advise to other forumers, but do not use that as an excuse to promote your products (a.k.a. advertising). We can see through it easily.

Post in the Appropriate Forum

If you are starting a new topic, please give some thought to which folder your topic logically belongs before posting.

Also, we like to discuss all kinds of things in ClubHyundai, and we like to have fun. So, there are folders provided for topics not related directly to the cars (like "Pit Stop" section). Feel free to use these folders for discussing other topics.

DO NOT post for sale topics indiscriminately (e.g. in model specific folders). Please sign up for a Merchant account to sell your products and services in the Merchants folder. Or you can sell your used/personal items in the "Market Place" folder. Otherwise your account will be suspended immediately without warning.

Descriptive Topic Subject

When starting a new topic, please give a little thought to coming up with a meaningful and descriptive subject, especially if you are looking for help or an answer to a question. With a descriptive topic subject, you will increase the likelihood that interested parties will open your topic. And, in the case of a question, you will more likely get a timely, knowledgeable answer.

Staying On Topic

We like to have fun in the this forum, but not at the expense of getting people's questions answered. So, staying on topic is somewhat relative - as long as the original poster's question is answered in a timely fashion, some straying off topic will be tolerated. But it will always be discouraged if it comes at the expense of helping each other and getting questions answered and problems solved.

User PM (Private Message) for Messages Directed at Specific People

While a little personal back and forth between two members that is probably not of interest to the rest of the community is fine, if it continues, please take it offline to the Private Message feature in the forums, or to e-mail. Please use your own discretion.

Abuse of User PM (Private Message)

Do not abuse your user PM. All PMs are saved in the database and the administrators will access the information for investigation if necessary.

Do not send unsolicited PMs like advertisements. Your account will be banned immediately.

Advertising your products

Please note that with effect from 1 April 2010, you should not have text, links or images in your signature that is promotes your products or services. You should not post or promote your products in any other way except in the Merchants folder. Should you wish to advertise or sign up for the Merchants folder in the forum, please contact the moderators.

Tech Support / Questions Posting Guidelines

In addition to the general guidelines above, please try to observe the following guidelines when posting questions or requests for technical support:

Read the FAQs Before Posting a Question or Problem
PLEASE read the FAQs to see if your question is listed and answered there before posting it. While the Administrators, Moderators, and members are all very happy to answer questions and provide help, it gets very tiring (and time consuming) answering the same questions over and over. So, please help them all out and use the FAQs - that is what they are there for.

Search the Forums
The third thing we ask you to do before posting a question or problem is to please use the search feature in the forums to see if your question has been answered or your problem has been solved before. Again, this helps the Administrators and Moderators a great deal. Since they all strive to insure that no one's question in the forums goes unanswered, answering you own question if possible will save them time (and typing!). So doing a little work up front to try and answer your question yourself is a huge help and is much appreciated.

Share the Wealth!
If you have been helped by another member in the forums, share the wealth by reaching out and answering someone else's questions when you can! That's what the forum is for.

Your cooperation and adherence to these guidelines and suggestions is greatly appreciated. Doing so will insure that the ClubHyundai forum continue to be the best place on the Internet for information sharing and problem solving. See you in the forum!

Signature size and usage policy
We have to impose a limit on the size signature lines and graphic blocks on the forums. Signatures have a max number of characters allowed up to 200 and the graphics size should not exceed 600(w)x300(h) pixels.

We currently do not allow pictures which have racist, sexist, ethnic slurs. Please ensure that your avatar is PG-13 safe as the forums are visited by many adults in working enviroments.

Please adjust your graphics to fall within the above criteria it will make for easier faster page loading, and less space taken up in posts.

We do not allow links to commercial entities or to your own business. Should you want to put up links to any commercial site that you currently own, please contact us for advertising rates.

Avatar Size and Usage Policy
The maximum allowable size for any avatar is 80x80 pixels.While we allow the use of animated Avatars and other photos, we currently do not allow pictures which have racist, sexist, ethnic slurs. Please ensure that your avatar is PG-13 safe as the forums are visited by many adults in working enviroments.

If we detect that your avatar does not conform to this rule, you will may recieve a caution to either change or remove your avatar. Failing any change, we will remove it ourselves directly.

Forum Titles and Signature Graphics
The use of any user title or signature graphic by regular members which implies an official capacity in the forums, such as Helper, Moderator, Admin etc, is not allowed. Also any signature graphic which appears to imitate the official version, or uses any element of the design, will be removed without notification.

No posting of shop / workshop names and car license plate numbers
As defamation cases have occurred on the internet before, we request that all forumers do not post shop names or car license plate numbers on the internet on unsubstantiated information.

Different persons may have differing experiences with certain shops for different reasons. Some may be good while others may be bad. As ClubHyundai is not able to verify your experiences with specific shops & their products/services offered, kindly refrain from posting shop or any references which may identify these shops / products.

We reserves the right to edit / delete posts which are in breach of these rules and regulations at our absolute discretion, and shall not be obliged to offer any explanation for its actions.

And finally..

Your Right To Leave
Do remember that it is a privilege, not a right that you can use our forum to engage in discussions. If you are causing any problem among the members, the administrators have the right to take the necessary action to prevent further damages. Should you feel that you do not agree with our rules and regulations, or choose to defy them, you are free to leave our forums anytime you wish.

By accessing this forum you agree to be bound by the above.


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