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Power Steering Fluid Change Empty Power Steering Fluid Change

Post  CoolzMK on Sat Oct 06, 2012 11:15 am

Dear All,

For those who have not change your power steering fluid before, it is recommended to change it every 40K to prolong your power steering pump. Do not save money and dont change it and in the end a costly power steering pump will cost you a bomb. If you do not know what type of power steering fluid to change, you can us ATF Dexron II ( stated in our manual) but if you cannot find Dexron II ATF, you can use ATF Dexron III, no problem. remember power steering fluid whether using ATF Dexron type, do not mixed them together, always insist mechanic to complete drain off by sucking out the old oil using machine and replace with fresh PSF (power steering fluid) or ATF Dexron II or Dexron III. Any brand is ok. For those who do not know what is ATF stands for it stands for Automatic Transmission Fluid. ATF can be use as PSF. Hope it helps.

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